We are Tax Agents registered with the Inland Revenue Department of New Zealand. EZ REFUNZ was established in 2014 and have a good client base all over New Zealand. We are one of the fastest growing tax agents in New Zealand.
We provide our clients with best and safe services by claiming a tax refund of the overpaid tax paid by an individual. We operate on NO REFUND NO FEE CRITERIA and our fee is very much affordable. WE GUARANTEE YOU THE BIGGEST TAX REFUND POSSIBLE

Who Are Our Customers?

  • Salary and Wage earners
  • Part time employees
  • Contract workers
  • People on working holidays visa
  • School students
  • Seasonal Workers
  • Self employed

What we do and how we do

  • 1 You complete your application form
  • 2 We receive your application form
  • 3 We do all the calculations on your account for the past 5 years
  • 4 If there is an overpaid tax then we request your PTS or file your IR3 with IRD
  • 5 IRD check all your details and get back to us
  • 6 We confirm your PTS
  • 7 IRD takes 3-5 working days to release your overpaid tax into our Trust Account
  • 8 We deduct our fee and then send your Tax refund to you by two means

    (1) Into your bank account
    (2) Send your a cheque to the address mentioned in your application form