When is the best time to apply to see if i'm eligible for a tax refund?

The sooner the better. You can apply at any time of year but we can only check the past 5 financial years, so if you wait until after 31st of March you will lose the earliest years refund.

Why do i have to wait longer for last year's tax refund?

The IRD does not process refunds for the latest financial year until around mid-June each year. For example, refunds for the 2016-2017 financial year will not be processed until sometime in June 2017. This delay in processing does not impact refunds for previous financial years.

How long will it take for me to get my refund?

The sooner you apply, the sooner you will receive your refund! We aim to have your tax refund paid to you within 5-10 working days. Occasionally it can take a longer due to delays at the Inland Revenue Department due to the following reasons:

  • If your tax return requires additional information, we will contact you and this usually takes us longer to prepare and file.
  • If your refund is being reviewed at Inland Revenue. For example if it is a large refund or you have other tax type arrears, please expect some delays.
  • If your refund is for the latest financial year, the IRD will not release these refunds until mid-June at the earliest.
  • If we have to file a full IR3 for you, the IRD can take up to 6 weeks to process these types of returns and unfortunately we cannot control the IRD’s time frames. The only other delay you will experience is if we, or the IRD, request additional information from you and you fail to supply this information.
What details do you need from me?

We require basic information from you in order to process your tax refund such as your full name, address, date of birth etc. We also need your IRD number. You also have to provide your driver’s licence details or a copy of approved photo ID. This is a requirement of the IRD and helps us ensure your personal and financial security. Most importantly, we need you to provide us with the authority to act on your behalf. You do this by ticking some authority statements at the bottom of our on-line application form. The application form will take less than 5 minutes to complete. We take privacy very seriously. Rest assured that your personal information will be kept safe and secure at all times

How do i find my ird number?

An IRD number is a unique eight or nine-digit identification number that IRD issue to you. You can find your IRD number in any of these places:

  • from your employer
  • on your pay slip
  • from your bank
  • Working for Families
  • Child support
  • Student loan
  • Kiwisaver account
  • by contacting Inland Revenue Department
  • if you are previously an Ez Refunz client(you can simply contact us)
How much amount can i expect as my tax refund?

Every single individual has a distinctive tax situation and everybody's tax refund is different it all depends upon the information specified in the form until we receive your application we are unable to accurately calculate what you're owed. On average, New Zealander’s have overpaid their tax by $400 over the last five years.

What if i have to pay tax?

Ez Refunz limited only file a tax assessment if a refund is due, not if you are assessed as having tax to pay. We only process tax refunds, not bills, so you can be assured of our service record. As we operate a no refund, no fee policy we will not charge you for this service. If you have previously filed a tax return or have made a request for a PTS (Personal Tax Summary) with Inland Revenue and discovered you owe them money, unfortunately you will have to pay it.

What does it cost?

Our standard fee for filing a personal tax summary is 14% (with a minimum of $18.00 and maximum of $399) per financial year. See Our Fees section for full details. We have a NO REFUND - NO FEE CRITERIA, therefore if you aren't due a tax refund we won't charge you a cent.

What if my personal details change?

It’s important to update your personal details so we can keep in touch and let you know what stage your refund is at. You can alter your personal details at any time. Just log on to your account and go to the “Edit Account” page or you can simply email us your new details.

Can i still get a refund if i have left new zealand?

Yes, we can still file tax refunds for you even if you have left New Zealand part way through a financial year. Actually, working part of the year can means that you have possibility of overpaid your tax and therefore have a refund. If you have closed your New Zealand bank account we can also make an international transfer to your overseas account.

Why did my friend/wife/partner get a refund and i didn't?

Every single individual has a distinctive tax situation. Even working one extra hour in a week or altering jobs can change your tax situation. Answering the questions about your income for the past 5 years in your application assists in the determination of your current tax situation. Various factors that can affect an individual’s tax situation are:

  • Worked part of the year
  • Worked for more than one employer
  • Using the incorrect tax code
  • Working for Familiesentitlement
  • Tax credit entitlements
  • Self-employed income
  • Rental Income
  • Untaxed income
  • Received a bonus
  • Have expenses to claim
What is claiming expenses?

There are certain expenses that can be claimed against your income that can be included in your personal tax summary to increase your refund. These include: Income Protection Insurance premiums, tax return preparation fees and certain fees charged on investments. If Ez Refunz processes your refunds year after year we will automatically include our preparation fee from the year before as an expense to increase your refund.

You can also claim other work related expenses if you received Scheduler Payments (Withholding Payments). If you want to claim any expenses tick 'yes' on the online application and we will send you the required information. To process your application we do require receipts for all expenses you wish to claim.

Can i claim my donations?

Yes, we can lodge an application for your donation claim. This is completely separate to your income tax return, so even if you are not due a refund from your salary and wages you can still claim a refund on your donations. When completing our application form just ensure you choose 'yes' when asked if you have paid any donations. We will then send you an email requesting the receipts. If you have already applied with us please send your donation receipts using the contact us form.

Why has my refund gone to arrears?

The Inland Revenue department can automatically transfer any refund towards any outstanding arrears on your account. Unfortunately we do not have the authority to prevent this from happening. You can contact the IRD if you have further queries regarding arrears on your account.

What if i do not have a bank account?

We can only pay your refund into a bank account in your name, whether it be your account or a joint account. The name on your bank account must match your records at the IRD. If you have changed your name for any reason (example Marriage) then you will need to speak with one of our tax experts to make sure everything is updated and correct both here and at the IRD.

If you are requesting your refund from us by cheque we will charge you an additional $5 fee. If you would like a cheque cancelled we will pass on the $25 fee, charged to us by our bank, onto you. The cheque can take up to 10 days to arrive at your specified address. If you do not have a bank account you will not be able to cash a cheque, please make sure you have a New Zealand bank account to avoid any issues. If you have moved or returned overseas, we can transfer your tax refund into an international bank account, this will incur an additional $35 fee, which is charged to us by our bank. We do not post cheques overseas.

If i have been declared bankrupt can i still apply for a tax refund?

If you have been discharged from bankruptcy we can file your returns for the financial years after you have been discharged. For example, if you were discharged from bankruptcy in January 2016 we can file your tax return for the 2017 financial year onwards which means from 1st April 2016 to 31st March 2017. If you are currently undischarged from bankruptcy then unfortunately we are unable to process any refunds on your behalf. You can talk to Inland Revenue directly in regards to filing your returns.

What if i was made redundant?

If you’ve received any redundancy payments you may be entitled to claim a tax credit of 6 cents in the dollar up to a maximum of $3,600. Anyone made redundant between 1 December 2006 and 1 October 2011 may be eligible for a tax credit.

What if i already have a tax agent?

We will simply become your new tax agent if you choose to use Ez Refunz, we would love to have you as a valued customer. This will mean you will be de-linked from your previous tax agent and linked to us.

How can i remove myself from your services?

By completing an application for a tax refund with us you're appointing Ez Refunz as your tax agent until further notice. If you wish to remove yourself from our services you can advise us any time that you no longer wish us to be your tax agent or you can contact IRD to remove Ez Refunz as your tax agent. If you choose to remove Ez Refunz  as your tax agent after we've already filed your personal tax summary with the IRD you will be liable for paying our fee admitted by you in the application form filled by you.

Please note: After you've advised us that you wish to delink us as your tax agent you'll need to contact the IRD directly to update your contact details and bank account information. We won't be able to make these changes for you if we're not your tax agent.